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About us

We are an innovative company based in Warsaw, Poland, that leads backend and software development services within our relevant market niche. We are backend specialists with expertise in cloud computing, Big Data, reactive programming, micro services and business apps. The services we deliver are designed to scale up and out in proportion to the rate that our work returns value to our clients.

Our mission

Our goals are simple and pragmatic. We aim to enable companies to profit from the advanced use of technology. We combine extensive technological experience and an agile approach to deliver tangible business results. We can support you at the very early stage of Software Development, such as audit, architecture design, and data model design, optimization, technology, throughout the software development and testing if required.

Our expertise in backend, including Java, Groovy and Scala, is the basis to implement our core services such as cloud solutions, micro services, asynchronous architecture and reactive programming. Nevertheless at any point we can scale technologies to full discipline project with web technologies, UX design and mathematical algorithms. We do all of these to deliver services that you actually need to boost your business competitiveness.


We prefer simple definitions to complicated theories. We like to be consistent, pragmatic and transparent in our work. We analyse problems from every possible angle in order to come up with the best ideas. We treat our work as a process and therefore we stay open to new solutions. By working with us you will get clear and reasonable terms and conditions. If you are ready to get things done, then picking us is the right choice.

Work culture

We put simplicity, transparency and professionalism ahead of other values. Our agile approach makes all choices easier and enables us to stay pragmatic and reactive in a changing technological environment. Robust cooperation with our clients is based on openness and clarity.

We research technological solutions, analyze them and pick the one that best suits your needs. We work hard to stay abreast of innovations in our field in order to be able to offer our clients the latest solutions. If you are looking for reliable professionals who prefer doing to talking, we are the right people.

How we work

Product Vision

We pride ourselves on understanding the client’s needs. At this stage we focus on listening to you, to what you need and expect and determine what your goals are. We will ask questions and make a list of the features required to build the framework of the project.
A clear and accurate understanding of your needs will provide us with a solid foundation to build upon.


What we can achieve depends on the initial analysis and this is why we emphasize an accurate preliminary consultation.
Prior mutual agreement on the project goals is the key factor for evaluating the work processes and the final result. At this stage we also select technologies, which fit best to your product vision.

Initial Estimation

Once we fully understand your expectations we will propose a reasonable time and financial budget. Our initial estimation of service provision and time forecasts depends on the features, technology, vision of your product and the risks expected during the development process. We won’t waste your time and money estimating work that is likely to shift. You will be given an approximation that you may use to prioritize the product road-map appropriately.

Agile Approach

In our work we prefer to use the agile approach to other methodologies because it seems to be the most effective and efficient for development. Ongoing cooperation supported by a simultaneous transparent working process enables us to provide you with the best solutions based on your needs and aims. We use the most suitable approach, taking your targets as the main indicator for choosing the course of action. We do not take anything for granted and if your needs or requirements change we react in order to ensure that your expectations are managed.

Your Development Team

We may be masters of technology but you will be working with people. A dedicated development team will take care of you on the every stage of our cooperation, providing you with the best knowledge and the right know-how. Experienced professionals will deliver best practices and a business-oriented approach. Our team uses cutting-edge technology to deliver incremental value to your ideas.

Development in Iterations

The development process is dynamic and evolutionary so we keep you updated at every stage of our cooperation. After every iteration we deliver a precisely defined piece of work to demonstrate our progress. We will test and review each feature, collect your feedback and once you accept one iteration we will move to the next one applying your previous comments.


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Contact information

STEPWISE Sp. z o.o.
Plac Bankowy 2
00-095 Warsaw, Poland

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